Fee Schedule

Abilene Federal Credit Union Share Draft Account Information

Feature Requirement
Dividend Paid on avg daily balance of $300 or more 0.10% APY**
Service Charge Charged if daily balance falls below $300
(Per month)
Debit Card Per card/ Per month FREE
Insufficient Funds Share draft/ Electronic debit (ACH) / Debit card $25.00
Temporary Checks Per page of 4
(1 page of 4, free with new account.)

Other Fees That May Apply

Feature Fee
Cashier’s Check Per Item (1 free per day) $0.50
Money Order Per Item $0.50
Stop Payment Per Item $10.00
Wire Transfer Per Wire $12.50
Western Union Wire Per Wire $20.00
Statement Copy Per Month $1.00
Overdraft Protection¹ Per transfer- up to 6 transfers per month $3.00
Courtesy Pay² Per Overdraft $25.00
Share Draft Copy Per Item $2.00
Balance Member Account Per hour/1 hour minimum $10.00

INACTIVE SHARE DRAFT ACCOUNTS – When a share draft account has had no activity with the exception of a service charge that draws the account into the negative, after three service charges the account can be forced closed without notice.
OVERDRAFT PROTECTION – When funds are not available to pay an item presented for payment from the draft account, if there are enough funds available in the share account, a transfer will be made to cover the draft plus a $3.00 transfer fee.
²COURTESY PAY – At the credit unions discretion, an insufficient funds item may be paid on eligible accounts, up to the approved overdraft limit including the fee of $25.00 per item.
Overdraft from shares will be utilized first, if available, to pay NSF items before Courtesy Pay is used.